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If you’re looking for extra comfort sofa cushions for the couch or replacement padding for seat cushions or back cushions. We at Sofa Abu Dhabi are experienced in providing sofas, seats, settees, cushions, and couches with new foam cut to order.

We are fitted with conventional sofa cushion designs, including a custom-design prototype, all with next day delivery. As soon as tomorrow, you can have new foam covers or sitting pads to your exact size and shape. You can be assured that you buy market-led foams as the longest known foam supplier online. You can be assured you purchase market-leading goods at the most affordable prices.

Get helping hands-on replacing your sofa cushions

If your sofa cushions are too heavy, sagging, uncomfortable and unsightly or simply need a replacement sofa, then why not take advantage of our qualified replacement cushion service.

Finest quality of sofa cushions Abu Dhabi

The replacement of sofa cushions will change your life by offering new comfort. You can’t throw the entire piece of furnishing off, because your cushion has either gone or gone down.

So it’s meaning that you’ve come to the right spot as our sofa is a trendy antique look or is a one of a kind.

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We offer Best Sofa Cushions Services

Our staff is always committed to delivering exactly what the customer needs and to preserve the high quality we are proud of. We aim to please every customer and keep a good working standard.

There are three very different types of fillings widely used in Abu Dhabi sofa cushions.

We have three different fabrics to choose from for sofa cushions — a Luxury, Medium, and Gentle Company.

Our luxurious cushions are great if you want a more firm look on your sofa. The sensual medium has a softer look for sofa-seats. Ultimately, the Luxurious Soft is the perfect choice for removing sofa coverings.

Moulded Foam

We can replace the foam on any sofa set, repair the foam on the dining chair, replace the foam on the outdoor cushions, refill the seat and back cushion, and replace ottoman cushions.

Moulded sofa covers are pretty solid and do not need much maintenance to keep them clear.

This cushion is excellent for those who need back or help who want to sit upright – we know that bookworms enjoy these coilers because they find that they get excellent support during long periods of sitting.

Hollow fill Fiber

We provide stuffing for couch fabric, back couch padding, refilling for outdoor cushions, padding for pillows, refilling for sofa fibres.


Feather cushions can be made to decide whether you want to have a soft or firm seating experience right from the start. Users prefer to find these softer than other alternatives because they damage the feathers during use.

We have natural feathers to allow the cushions refill. Feather pillows are lined with geese or ducks, or sometimes both, feathers from the wing and back.

Why did you choose us?

We are fitted here at Sofa Abu Dhabi with the latest developments in CNC cutting. We hire the most professional freehand foam cutters in the sofa industry for the best performance. No jobs are too large or too small for us. If you are a small customer ordering one piece of foam from home or a significant supplier ordering daily, we provide the same quality of service and delivery.

If you consider sofa cushions near me online, then we give varying in the size, strength, and durability of replacement sofa cushions. Our sofa cushions are thicker, but the foam’s consistency softens more gradually than the mid-level. Our sofa cushion replacement often feels smoother due to the full area to hold the weight.

So contact us today to get a quick click of your sofas.


What type of sofa cushion is best?

 If you need a sofa with medium filling and a range of densities then foam sofa cushion is the best type to consider. High-density foam offers a solid couch cushion, but it might be too rough for some people.

Usually, the low-density foam has a soft to medium firmness. This appears to fail more rapidly than high-density foam.

How do I keep my couch cushions from sinking?

Cut square foam sections inside the cushions to fit in. Drain the cushions and apply sections of the foam to fatten the cushions and avoid sinking.

Using a 1/2-inch foam, if one layer isn’t enough, you can add a second layer. The cushions are zipped and put on the sofa by upholstery.

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