Emperor Headboards Abu Dhabi -Additional Taster For Your Theme

The wide variety of high-quality fabrics is less than emperor headboards depend on the decor you have for your bedroom. However, you can also pick wooden end emperor headboards from our broad selection of sofa Abu Dhabi to add any material you need.

Customers may ask for the sample of any fabric or wood ends for the needless taster and finish of items of emperor-size beds. Colours and textiles are famous for furniture in the bedroom.

The luxurious emperor and wide emperor headboards are exclusive orders that can be personalized to their full potential. It allowing you to build a 6 ft or 7 ft headboard that blends in perfectly with your bedroom interior.

Emperor Headboards Abu dhabi

Best features of large emperor bed headboards 

 Sofa Abu Dhabi emperor headboards provide the following features such as: 

  • It offers both bed and headboards
  • A handful of premium quality 
  • Fabric made
  • Available in different frames and offer you the most comfortable and elegant look.




We offer Best Emperor Headboards Services

Mood collection of our best emperor headboards 

Each Emperor headboard is made by our professional craftsmen and women individually by hand in Abu Dhabi and is built with the highest quality durable wood frame.

The Emperor’s headboard is upholstered in your chosen fabric, allowing you to design a tailor-made headboard that fits beautifully into your bedroom interior.

The range of bed headboards from the Mood collections come in a variety of sizes:

  • Double Headboards
  • King Size Headboards
  • Super-king Headboards

The Emperor’s double antique brass headboard is beautifully styled with its imposing majestic design and graceful detail. The antique brass finish is complimented by ball topped posts and sculpted detail, making it a focal point for any bed and bedroom. This is a floor standing headboard for extra stability.

All headboard prices include mainland delivery with some postcode exceptions. So you can get the best headboards features for your home décor. 

Why did you choose us? 

If consistency and durability are the first things to look for when it comes to your Emperor’s headboards.  Then Sofa Abu Dhabi Company can, for a couple of reasons, opt for high quality. For example, our customers may be in high demand for a mattress, and a client may want to reduce production and wastage.

Here we are proud to take the time to understand every element of what you need in your Emperor headboards for best emperor headboard ideas. We are experienced artisans who know how wood grows. Your Emperor Board is the culmination of several years of experience in the area of empire-building that we have acquired.

And we offer free samples of our products to ensure that your Emperor Board is perfect. That way, you will make an educated decision in advance. All our items are handmade using genuine leather or cloth that is handled for a long-lasting, durable finish with an excellent protective coating.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How big is an emperor bed? 

Both our Emperor beds are 7 ft x 7 ft and take a 215 cm x 215 cm mattress size the height of the beds varies depending on the bed/headboard feet.

Each bed on our website has a section of dimensions that will give you exact measurements.

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