Chair repairing Abu Dhabi

Whether your chair repair suffers from mechanical failure or simply requires proper clean-up, our office chair repair service will provide you with a reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution to extend the lifespan of your office seating.

Just because the office chairs / commercial seats have been worn/broken doesn’t just mean they are scrapped or thrown away and replaced with new ones. Almost every form of office and commercial seating, including office chairs, corporate benches (reception benches, sofas, etc.) & breakout seats, we can repair and/or reupholster.

Benefits of getting your office seat repaired and/or upholstered will save up to 60 percent of the cost of replacing furniture (or even more if your chairs need only new components) while at the same time providing you with 100 percent tax exemption against your maintenance budget.

chair repair Abu dhabi

Replacement Chair Parts – Office Chair Repair Abu Dhabi

  • Mechanisms
  • Gas cylinder (adjusts the height of the chair)
  • Chair arms/arm pads
  • Wheels
  • Chair base
  • Fabric Replacement
  • Leather chair upholstery
  • Chair backs
  • Foamed
  • Chair Levers




We offer Best Chair Repairing Services

Refurbishing Sofas and Soft Seating or Reception Seating and Sofas

It is the perfect way to refresh your sofas or soft seats – pick from new fabric or leather and, if the seating allows it, it can also be re-foamed. It’s great for meeting chairs, office chairs and auditorium and bench seating, and sofas and soft seating.

Make environmental savings and costs through our range of services:

  • Chair health & check audits (once collected)
  • Fitting of chair replacement pads
  • Chair valeting (on- or off-site)
  • Replacement parts and components
  • Chair repairs
  • Gas spindle replacement
  • Re-spraying

Chair Repairing Abu Dhabi Kits

Sofa Abu Dhabi provides the last repair kits for your office chair Abu Dhabi. Today fix our Deluxe Chair kits to your office chair. Renovate a portion of the first office chair replacement costs. The chair repair kit includes high-quality brand new parts, all of which are guaranteed for 12 months. The kit includes wheel castors, a new chair frame, an electric gas lift, a reclining and locking system, and options for the lever. Don’t you know what it takes? Email us now, and to guide you we’ll be there.

Why did you choose us? 

Sofa Abu Dhabi is best repairing your office chairs, hotel, or many more. We will carry out an audit of your seats if you do not want to fix your chairs. The following applies:

  • A preview of the website
  • Office chairs or receiving chairs visual inspection 
  • Submit the necessary repair work in a written account
  • Advice on the best way to go

To display colour charts and samples and select a fabric or design, contact us.

All appropriate fabrics can be found here for assignment seating, meeting furniture, and software seating.

 Frequently asked questions 

Is it worth repairing a damaged or broken office chair?

Indeed that’s it. It is quite an easy process and a financially smart alternative to getting a fixed office chair than purchasing a new one.

How long does it take to repair a broken office chair?

It shouldn’t take more than one business day for the repair guy. In the case of multiple chairs, the time will increase.

What is the joint damage suffered by office chairs?

Many office chairs suffer from a fractured spine or wheel-set that occurs due to unnecessary bending or repetitive chair movement. So you can choose sofa Abu Dhabi for this service.

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