Chair seat cushions – Best Choice

Of many factors, Chair seat cushions are the best option when it comes to seeking the right solution to your seating needs. It provides superior convenience, quality, and durability and represents a strong investment for both business and residential purposes.

Our seat cushion foam collection has everything you need for a consistent solution when selecting foam inserts for residential uses. You can make custom seat cushions in your sizes and choice of fabric grade furniture for just about any use.

Select from a large range of regular square seating cushions, round chair covers, rectangular cushions, half-circle cushions, and more, from the boxed rim and waterfall edge chair.

With our cushion designer, you can even create your own curiously-shaped cushions. Begin by selecting the seat coil forms below and continue to customize your chair seat cushions in the next steps.

Chair Seat Pads

We have a wide variety of chair seat pads for sale in a broad range of sizes and types for indoor and outdoor use. Dining and kitchen chair seating pads with ties, round seating pads for use on bistro chairs, garden chair, and bench seat pads for purpose in garden furniture, as well as armchair and dining chair booster cushions for the elderly.




We offer Best Chair Seat Cushions Services

Reasons Foam is ideal for seats and covers

Soft yet lasting

Foam is an ideal seat cushion for office chair and conveniences because it is soft enough to be strong enough to last for years to come. Except in high-traffic areas where seats see plenty of use, it can be counted on providing a comfortable experience.

Tailorable to Your Specific Needs

We carry various types and firmness of foam seat cushions for chairs to find the perfect solution for your application. There’s a sort of foam to suit any need when you’re looking for a comfortable couch, a sturdy boat seat, or a fast-drying patio cushion.

Maintain high quality and affordable

When choosing the right stuff, you want something robust and highly efficient without costing little luck. To those on a budget, foam is the ideal option, yet unable to compromise overall efficiency.

 Benefits of chair seat cushions 

 At Sofa Abu Dhabi provide you with the best chair seat cushions Abu Dhabi that give you several benefits:

  • Appropriate for installation on the handheld drill, table mounted drill, or other drills
  • Perfect to decorate your kitchen, living room, bedroom
  • Stylish, modern feel
  • Provides extra comfort and backrest during sitting

Why did you choose us?

When it comes to buying chair seat cushions, we’re your one-stop-shop to update your seat cushions or supply them. We offer a broad range of inexpensive and reliable solutions to match any cut, firmness, and style you want. At Sofa Abu Dhabi, we are committed to providing excellent customer service, and our team is available to help you find the right solution.

We give you the non-toxic and safe kind of all fabric foams at reasonable rates for your chair seat cushions. So feel free to contact us today!


What is the best foam density for a sofa?

For sofa cushions, the most common foam densities range from 1.8lbs / ft3 to 2.8lbs / ft3. The higher density foams last longer than the lower density foams and tend to be more durable. In terms of density, you have the best option depending on how long and how much you want the foam to last.

How do you fix a sagging couch cushion?

A sagging sofa cushion has a few opportunities to carry new life. You can wrap an old cushion insert together with Dacron for a fast, easy repair. This thin material will give your cushion a more complete and rounded look to refresh a drop cushion temporarily. Older inserts often, however, go beyond redemption. Total foam replacement is also required for a longer-term solution.

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