Bed Repairing Service

At Sofa Abu Dhabi we know that bed is an important part of any household. It is the vital part of the bedroom, and to guarantee perfect nightly dreams it needs to be in great condition by bed repair in case of damage. We are skilled in repairing all types of beds, from timbers to metal frames and bed repair to television bed. We put all technicians through rigorous training at our training centre and ensure that any rough edges in their knowledge are fully sanded out to ensure that they are up to the standard that you deserve.

Our technicians are qualified for a wide range of bed repair that we hold for training purposes only in our centre. From wooden frames to metal frames we can repair any type of bed. The technicians also educate clients on their mattress resistance, planned durability and repair, and care advice. A settlement tolerance guide is given to assist the technician in the evaluation of faulty or damaged mattresses.

Mattress Tuft replacement

Twine is used to repairing both traditional tufts and modern tufts are fitted with tapes. Every technician as a van stock has a common choice of tufts, twins, and different tape sizes. This allows us to complete a repair of the clump during the first visit.

Frame repair & restoration

Damage to bed repair frames may cause the bed itself to collapse and lose its structural integrity. The repair and correction of any structural defects guarantee a safe and effective working condition of the frame.



Bed Repairing Abu dhabi

Bed Repairing

We offer Bed Repairing Services

Types of damages to bed

 Our bed repair service covers for you are;

  • Framework
  • Tufts
  • Stitching
  • TV beds
  • Drawer repairs
  • Divan repairs
  • Settlement tests.

Note: The mattress soiling or tearing cannot be replaced.

Types of Bed Repair Abu Dhabi services

Our team at sofa Abu Dhabi are qualified to perform all aspects of bed repairs

  • Repair your bed frames made of wood, iron, or leather.
  • You replace the movable furniture.
  • Set a bed in the hospital.
  • Re-fabrication bed.
  • We finish off the beds.

Replace the broken bed parts.

  • We are reaping the mattress.
  • Stitching the torn bed areas.
  • Headboard Repair
  • Fibre filling
  • Bed rail replacements
  • Rail bed repair Abu Dhabi

 Why did you choose us? 

Quite often, we will fix the bed on-site at sofa Abu Dhabi, but if not, our technician can suggest the best alternative solution and have a thorough report on the issue and organize the source parts if necessary. We have technicians nationwide specialized in performing the highest furniture repairs; we cover several different types of furniture repairs, and we can call your bed repair needs round.

If you need a repair on your sofa or chair, you can call us or send us a message, and we will contact you as soon as possible, usually within 4 hours. We are a bed repair shop in Abu Dhabi that come to your home and repair on-site / in-home (fully insured) and have workshops for larger jobs that need to be taken away for repair. 

Our team all have many years of experience in the trade with most technicians alone; we only give the highest standard of work performed and to provide you with further reassurance.

 (The Furniture Ombudsman is regarded as an autonomous conciliation service by the Fair Trade Office).


Do adjustable beds fit in bed frame?

Sure, any selected size will feature standard dimensions and fit comfortably within a bed frame (height varies). If your frame has slats extending across, be sure to remove them to allow full clearance within.

Are adjustable beds worth it?

Though the term adjustable bed refers to a base that can tilt the mattress to set different sleep positions, it can be considered separate from the mattress. If you can afford an adjustable bed but are then priced from a comfortable and high-quality mattress, the investment may not be worth an adjustable bed.

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