We offer headboards that give your room a decent look with stylish designs and best kind variety. You can choose our different types of bed headboard.

 Single headboard

Single headboard makes your bed looks attractive and comfortable. Our range of single bed headboard includes upholstered headboard of wood, metal, and fabric. The single bed headboard for all tastes is suitable for any bedroom style

Double headboards

If you’re looking for the double Headboard’s beautiful baroque form or leaning towards the headboard’s effortlessly classic style, we’ll be able to customize your preferred bedhead’s fabric, add-ons, and height to make your arrangement truly special.

 Emperor headboards

Each Emperor headboard is made by our professional craftsmen and women individually by hand in Abu Dhabi and is built with the highest quality durable wood frame.

Best Valued Headboards

Bed headboards are the core part of our room but are also one of the most undervalued products.

There’s a lot of people who don’t know the headboard of Abu Dhabi, but these headboards are designed to provide conveniences while watching TV or reading a book.

They also help your bed keep a distance from the wall to the bed, preventing the wall’s colors from spoiling. We sell a wide variety of headboards, including upholstered headboard and bed headboard.

The headboards are one of the best kinds of bedside headboards.

Single Headboards

Single Headboards

King headboards

King Headboards

Emperor Headboards Abu dhabi

Emperor Headboards

Double headboards

Double Headboards

We Offer Best Services of Headboards

Parts of Bed

  • The master bed or a double bed or a single bed has several parts. The following sections are comprehensive,
  • Headboard slat (the back of the bed structure displays a vertical mirror.
  •  Top rail headboard (the horizontal panel above the slatted headboard)
  •  Cross rail (the horizontal portion that carries the base of the bed is put under the headboard layer).
  • Side rail (also known as cot bed guards and safety equipment, running from the footboard.
  •  Side drawers (Optional choice of under bedroom drawers.
  • Mattress.
  • Bottom slide rail (Wood or metal sections that connect to the footboard below the headboard.
  • Footboard Slat (normally smaller than the headboard pad) is a vertical grid connected to the bed frame’s foot side.

Characteristics of Abu Dhabi custom headboards

We are pleased that our craftsmen are making Abu Dhabi custom headboards of high quality with their special work. To order to provide our clients with peace and comfort, our suppliers still use high-quality raw materials.

We agree that customer service is the only way to become successful, and we have never tried to compromise on price. The following features we offer play a major role in making Abu Dhabi custom headboards.

Choose headboards from a wide variety of:

  •         Get true Headboard height
  •         Get headboard foam according to use
  •         Simple to house and maintain

Styles of Headboards Abu Dhabi

Many headboard styles can be bought off the market. But the best headboard suitable for your inner theme and color scheme is definitely something.

Upholstered Headboards Abu Dhabi 

  • Bookcase Headboard.
  • Metallic Headboard.
  • Single headboard

Customize Headboards Abu Dhabi

  • Fish Aquarium Headboard.
  • Almirah Headboard
  • King headboard 
  • Double headboard

Available in different styles, sizes, design and colors options

You’ll find different sorts of bed headboards for sale at Sofa Abu Dhabi. Therefore, you will definitely find your dreams on the headboard at discounted rates.

With so many choices for style, color, and size, we’re pretty sure we’ve covered your needs. Our headboard is manufactured by interior design experts and is made to fit your requirements in approximately six dimensions and textured options, from leather to velvet and linen.

You may trip on headboard of either type in king or queen size, tufted or upholstered, minimalistic, or decorated. Even, we will do it, if you find one that needs to be customized. Taking our huge online headboard range from wherever you are in the UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi and everywhere else. And we will deliver it right outside your house.

Why did you choose us?

Sofa Abu Dhabi has become the most common mark of all Abu Dhabi homes. Our customers can call us any time by our expert designers to get our free advisory service.

Our designers will share with their customers their useful ideas and experiences in selecting the right Headboard for Abu Dhabi. We also deliver headboards at our customers’ doorsteps with a cost-effective installation service.


How thick should headboard foam be?

 Thickness. The most upholstered headboard should be made of at least 2-inch thick foam. The thickness of the foam required for a cushioned headboard depends on the look and feel you want.

When you’re looking for a soft headboard, choose foam that’s several inches thick.

What material is best for the headboards?

The best fabric for any upholstery use is sturdy enough to work with during the upholstery process and long-lasting enough to withstand daily use.

Durable fabrics that look fantastic on the headboard include leather, suede, vinyl, duck cotton, or heavy blends of polyester.