Iftar majlis – Endless Option For You

Every year, Abu Dhabi is host to several spectacular Iftar majlis. The city’s most luxurious locations, both hotels, and restaurants do not spare any space. We end up with more options than we might like in a feat seemingly exclusive to Abu Dhabi.

If you find yourself struggling to sift through this holy month’s endless options. You can buy our iftar majlis to make your iftar look more optimistic and compassionate too. If you’re looking for an intimate place to enjoy this blessed moment, or something appropriate for a grander affair.

 Sofa Abu Dhabi will bring you this Ramadan’s most stunning interiors, and impeccable service.

Exquisite delights feature by iftar majlis in Abu Dhabi

 If you are looking for majlis that would include beautiful delights, then our iftar majlis is the best choice. 

  • This lavish majlis will feature Arabic decoration and photo opportunity tent setting areas.
  •  Ambient ballroom lighting and traditional music beautifully play in creating a delightful mood and look.
  • The courtyard has Shisha and Backgammon lounge seating. The majlis serves as a perfect key to communication.
  • They refer to a group of people that provides a higher quality of products and services to the related people.
Iftar Majlis Abu dhabi

Iftar Majlis

Iftar Majlis Abu dhabi

Iftar Majlis

Iftar Majlis Abu dhabi

Iftar Majlis

We offer Best Iftar Majlis Services

Our Ifar Majlis beneficial role

  • A higher level of trust and commitment is ensured by majlis.
  • They play a beneficial role in increasing employee engagement and creativity at higher levels. 
  • They highly support team building at a practical level. 
  • They are proved excellent in providing greater employee job satisfaction by boosting morale and capacity of the same.
  • It increases not only employees but also customer satisfaction.

 Why did you choose us?

At sofa Abu Dhabi, True Arabian hospitality will make everyone feel at home this Ramadan. Our iftar tent is the perfect venue that promises to make your Iftar and Suhour memorable.

Elegantly designed with Arabesque elements, every corner of Al Majlis is a unique reminder of what makes this holy month magical. Whether it’s a party of two or a large gathering of your family and friends, all your needs will be taken care of.

Our al majlis price is very affordable for customers so you can buy from us without even a second thought. For more majlis ideas, you can contact us!


Where to find the best iftar in Abu Dhabi?

Iftar is the evening meal eaten by Muslims during Ramadan, breaking their daily fast. This is a special day when friends and relatives meet in a restaurant or at home.

The following iftar deals by sofa Abu Dhabi are the best way to enjoy a specialized Ramadan experience if this is your first Ramadan in the UAE.

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