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Majlis is Arabic for an important meeting place in Abu Dhabi; the traditional ladies majlis, a tented meeting place where hospitality was plentiful before negotiations started, was the setting for business meetings from the heyday of the Silk Road.

Arabic Majlis Architecture for women needs to be filled with heat, cosiness, comfort, and dissipation. It will help people boost their mood for a happier time with their family & friends. We at Sofa Abu Dhabi have a wide variety of designs for the theme designs you like when designing innovative projects for Ladies Majlis Abu Dhabi.

The art and culture scene has been quite active in the UAE and has been growing and developing for many years.

We celebrate film, literature, theatre, art, design fashion, and music, and yet we don’t have proper art institutions to nurture and develop young artists.

 Ladies majlis room design 

In Abu Dhabi, a ladies majlis room style in a unique English garden glass-house inspiration that radiates a whimsical and tranquillizing mood from inside and out of the home environment. The idea of the glass house-infused by us is accomplished by encircling the structure with false openings in the form of high floor to ceiling.


ladies majlis

ladies majlis


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 Modest curvilinear ceiling

Besides, the sitting room’s architecture exudes modest, quiet, and elegant detailing from the curvilinear ceiling, too small garlands swags, added to polished entitle decorations on cornices.

 Sense of luxury and glam

Elegant contemporary loose pieces of furniture introduce a sense of luxury and glamour in a breezy rose gold accent, complemented by dazzling Cristal round cluster chandelier and shimmering glass crystal suspension.

 Velvet upholstery 

As in the rich velvet upholstery, Marshmallow pink tones create the interior decoration with softness, warmth, and feminine character, which transforms the space into a lady-fitting abode.

Our signature Female Majlis will bring you

Intimate peer-mentoring and networking with like-minded successful women List Item

Creative problem-solving and personal action-planning with the help of the sharpest female minds

We produce both traditional Arabic female majlis with a long sofa and a contemporary sofa with 2-3 sofas and armchairs. All furniture will be customized by our designers.

Women usually meet at a place to sit, talk, or have a nice time with friends or family. For this reason, the Majlis women developed the idea. To keep up-to-date with Arabic culture, we present the beautiful, trendy, and luxurious Majlis ladies.

Why did you choose us?

Sofa Abu Dhabi is imbued with the beautiful East cultural values of ladies majlis with every detail inside the interior. The magnificent chandelier illuminates the room beautifully and effectively enlarges the room.

The luxurious sofas from natural solid wood and exceptional high-quality upholstery highlight the modern interior design style in a harmonious way.

The furniture’s textures are distinguished as the window curtains that highlight the unique beauty of the majlis in Arabic. Woman Majlis Architecture is full of sunshine, cosiness, warmth, and a good mood.


Where to buy ladies majlis?

We all agree that majlis is where women can relax, chat & enjoy a good time. It would also add a feather to the crown to create a simple and elegant seating arrangement. It is important to fit the same hue with the decor of the place, and the design has to be traditional & royal only. So you can buy ladies majlis from Sofa Abu Dhabi as it provides you with the best stylish place for majlis with all items you want in Abu Dhabi.

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