Mount a premium collection of our Single Headboards Abu Dhabi

In general, the single headboards Abu Dhabi consist of woods that are less thermal than headboards made of stone or concrete. The headboard is a piece of furniture that sits on the headboard. 

We offer headboards in all sizes and styles on Sofa Abu Dhabi, which transform your bedroom into a master suite. The headboards in a single bed are of the highest quality and deliver maximum design and comfort.

Books and personal things like phones and screens can also be put as storage areas in our Bed Headboards in Abu Dhabi. You take the next step of your bedroom theme when you mount a lovely headboard.

How do you fit a single bed headboard?

  • There are different ways to match the headboard of your single bed:
  • Floor-standing – Such single headboards are full length from the floor to the top of your bunk. This makes them extremely durable. They fasten to a base divan or bed frame with screws.
  • Struts – They fasten with screws, close to floor-standing, to your bed frame. The single difference? They are not entirely long. Instead, they are using struts. There are bits of durable material fitted to your bed as well as to your single headboard.
  • Wall-mounted – You can select a wall-mounted headboard if the head of your bed is against a wall. These are normally connected by hooking a cleat plate on the back of the headboard over a cleat that has been fixed to the wall.



Single Headboards

Single Headboards

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Choosing the right type of single bed headboard

Our range of single headboards includes several different designs, materials, and colours, from wood, metal to fabrics, and leather padding. There is one headboard with all kinds of dormitory furniture. Select which type of headboard for single beds is best for you in the design you need.

Metal – Single metal headboards make any bedroom glamorous. The wow-factor, perfect for new décors, is these metallic headboards. Because of its versatility, the sleek style can be used in a wide variety of colours.

Wooden – For a retro, natural look, select a single wooden headboard. Single headboards of pine or oak contribute towards a rustic atmosphere and improve the warmth of your room. The individual wood headboards are also available, which adds a splash of colour to your decoration.

Faux Leather – An exquisite alternative, faux single leather headboards are a declaration for any bedroom. Faux leather headboards winged and single headboards from Chesterfield provide a space touch. Leather headboards in a variety of styles are available from Sofa Abu Dhabi.

Fabric Upholstered – Abu Dhabi fabric single headboards blend simple and smooth colours. The tapered single headboards in a host of colours add a touch of the class to the bedroom, and they are easy to maintain and clean

Why did you choose us? 

Sofa Abu Dhabi offers the perfect choice for a bedroom if you want an elegant, modern, stylish, and comfortable feel. This headboard gives you a beautiful top, allowing you to sit in bed while reading.


  • Buttoned Detailing
  • Padded for comfort
  • Strutted headboard
  • Upholstered in a woven or faux leather fabric

The Sofa Abu Dhabi is a classic and tasteful headboard with either a beautifully woven or faux leather fabric, or buttoned detailing.

Our headboard is padded for extra support and makes it easy to sit up in bed.  It can suit your decor with ease and is the ideal addition to your base divan.

Upholstered in a range of classic colours, either our Classic Divan Base or Classic Ottoman Base will match this headboard.

  •  We never compromise with size.
  • We supply our best products at a modest amount.
  •  We offer a big discount on the bulk amount of orders.
  • Home service in Abu Dhabi.


Where the Height of My Headboard I Can Measure?

You need to calculate from above your mattress so that the bottom of your headboard starts from above.

The stop of the pillow is behind the mate if you want a pillow to stop. The top of the mattress will then also take the headboard height, while the pillow stop begins below.

 Will Be Able to Mount My Wall Headboard?

Sure, you simply need to tick the “wall-mounted” option when buying your headboard. You should have wall plugs and screws on a brick wall to suit as well.

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