Customize Cushions Abu Dhabi

The cushions bring us relief and warmth. You can get some lovely and colourful customize cushions for yourself as a gift item for your friends or as a home decor piece for the newly-bought house. You need numerous things to make elegant, practical, and eye-catching customizing cushions.

If all these items bring wow factor to the interior, cushions are built-in for convenience. The cushion’s appearance aspect will only come later, but the comfort is what matters. Sofa Abu Dhabi has a full range of custom cushions when you want to buy custom cushions for your bedroom, living room, dining room, or office space.

Custom cushions serve a diverse range of purposes

Are you looking for luxury designer cushions, quality pillows, and pads? Okay, here is where your quest ends. We give diverse dimensions of cushions. We are the biggest and best online pattern and pattern cushions store.

Dress up your armchairs and enjoy extra comfort with elegant cushions. In case of excellent designs and attractive price ranges, our bench pads, chaise cushions, chair cushions, seat cushions can be used. Mainly, our cushions serve the following purposes:

  • It gives utmost comfort custom made cushions when you use them on the chairs and sofas.
  • They offer maximum support to the spine and back.
  •  Customized cushions help to prevent the sores that come from hours sitting in the same place.


Customize Cushions

Customize Cushions


We offer Best Customize Cushions Services

Our customize cushions design to create perfect spaces and to help achieve an ideal look. To build beautiful and aesthetically pleasing rooms, you can choose from the selection of cushions in various colours, styles, and designs. Such cushions can use to enhance interiors and outdoors and could be used for gifting purposes as well.

Types of custom cushions online  

All form Cushions

These are the cushions used most often and popularly in Abu Dhabi. These cushions are stuffed with high-density foam, as the name suggests, and that stuffed foam is covered with softer foam, which is wrapped entirely in a polyester wrap. These custom cushions online are the most comfortable and soft, and these cushions don’t need re-fluffing after sitting; they fall into their own shape. 

Spring down Cushions

Such custom sofa cushions are made of coiled springs that are hemmed in a foam box and covered in the thick polyester fibre film. Those cushions are the comfortable sitting cushions, and the cushions’ springs provide the cushions with a durable feel.

Down push Cushions

These are the thinnest, luxurious, and classy cushions. The fundamental core of cushion is the thin foam that is a hammer in a broad layer of polyester fibre. These kinds of cushions make sitting on the sofa comfortable and cozy. 

Why did you choose us?

If you are residing across Abu Dhabi and looking for the best quality and price-friendly cushions, the perfect alternative is Sofa Abu Dhabi. Our cushions are very long-lasting and made of flammable materials.

We also offer the customize cushions goods at your doorstep and may also meet our members to show our goods to you. We’re only one telephone or e-mail away. Ask us for more information for any kind of inquiries and orders.


What Type Of Cushion Constructions Are Available?

Sofa Abu Dhabi produces cushions in two different construction styles. Boxed edge cushions in Premium style and waterfall edge or knife edge cushions in Standard type. As you know, deluxe style boxed edge cushions can make by association with additional fabric strips from the top and bottom fabric panels. What thing makes it special and robust?

While, the waterfall edge cushions and knife-edge covers are made of specifically selected top and bottom fabric sheets, providing a softer, smoother edge, similar to a dropping waterfall. Often they are like as Knife Edge cushions are thinner cushions with a waterfall edge construction.

What Type Of Corners Will My Cushions Have?

With critical knife-edge style corners, custom cushions made with a waterfall-edge construction, which are 2′′ thick. Cushions made with a 3′′ thick waterfall-edge construction or more will be made from French corners.

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