Chaise cushions that suit your chair seat

Do you want to sit outside, but the colour of your chair is fading? Chair cushions are then the best choice to meet your requirements as they consist of weather-resistant fabrics designed to withstand years of regular exposure to sunshine, rain and avoid fading, staining, and mildew.

From the following options we have, you will choose the best one that suits your chair the best. Additionally, the cushions of the chaise lounge cushions are ideally suited for outdoor patio seating. The products we use to fill are essential materials.

It offers you the waterproof feature that makes the most beautiful and durable of your chaise cushions.

Chaise Cushions

Key features for outdoor chaise lounge cushions 

  • Accentuated with tufting around the seat and back followed by hand-applied pewter nailhead trimming
  • Curved seat features an arched back
  • Welcoming, sleek style with straight lines
  • Wider seating area helps you to relax with your favourite individual, pet, or just enjoy the extra space.

Types of chaise cushions 

 At sofa Abu Dhabi our chaise cushions have following types that are:

  • Outdoor chaise lounge cushions
  • Sunbrella chaise cushions
  • Handcraft chaise cushions




We offer Best Chaise Cushions Services

Types of Cushion Filling – Chaise Cushion

Standard Comfort Cushions

For external or internal use, standard comfort cushions and pads can be made. The fill is porous outdoor polyester that is engineered to resist mildew and does not contain water.

For all outdoor applications, this filling recommends, but it can also be used indoors. We suggest that foam be filled with top batting, especially indoor or outdoor, as water can be held in the coating for longer periods.

Deluxe Comfort Cushions

To give you very comfy feel we have the best deluxe comfort chaise cushions. An elegant soft feel is provided by a layer of batting on top and bottom of the covers.

 Including batting on both sides of the cushion permits the reversibility of the cushion. Best for outdoors is the Deluxe Custom Cushion since it sheds the highest after heavy rain. Even outdoors, we do not suggest adding deluxe type buttons.

Optimal Comfort Cushions

Optimal components are four: the core of the foam, the Memory Foam MicroGel sheet, a top, and bottom batting sheet, all included in the zippered (shell-based) water-resistant lining.

 The batting on top and bottom lets you flip the cushion whenever appropriate. Such cushions are highly soft, immune to weather, and will maintain their shape over time.

Why did you choose us?

 We supply chair cushions with excellent finishing and made from high-quality fabric at sofa Abu Dhabi. The architecture is innovative, and the best collection of designers accomplishes that.

If you buy cushions for gifting purposes, you will be able to express your care, love, and affection for those close and dear.

It has an exclusive range of custom-made cushions and excellent prices. 

Our chaise cushions will be a beautiful help to the back and relax the user. Pillows can be used in a range of places, such as a living room and a bedroom.

Cushion size and shape vary and are produced following the space in which they are to be used. And feel free to contact us. You can further study about chaise cushion here on Wikipedia


How does colour lock on Sunbrella fabrics? Do they give protection against UV?

Sunbrella fabrics are constructed of 100 percent acrylic yarns obtained from the solution. A soluble dye is a mechanism by which acrylic fibres are given colour during manufacturing when in a liquid state. The key to locking in colour, quick cleaning, and long life is this characteristic of Sunbrella fabrics. This protective factor is inherent in the product and is not weakened by use and/or fabric exposure to the sun.

What thickness of a cushion is right for me?

While we get a lot of questions about what the thickness is typical of various types of furniture, this is a somewhat subjective issue mainly informed by personal taste and preference. Most people usually order a 2 “thickness for dining and folding chairs (this is called a” floor “rather than a cushion), which is the average thickness of the chaise cushion, which is better for you.

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