King Headboards Abu Dhabi

King headboards add to every size bed a great finishing touch. Select from several styles, including wooden, metal, and painted, king size headboards.

The 5-foot high headboards are a significant improvement for all big bedrooms, offering a wide range of colors.

We don’t think there’s more fun than turning a fast 40 wink in king size. If you’re looking for a king’s or queen-fit headboard, don’t look any further.

Because we can deliver a range of fantastic luxury bedding to make your room as chic as a palace.

See our selection of headboards for fitting the 5 ft king-sized bed, and find today the ideal match for your bedroom.

Choosing King Headboards Sizes?

You will want to search for the headboard to complete the package if you have decided to buy a frame and mattress king-sized bed—no better way to achieve your luxurious bed than to complement your look. headboards for any suitable bed with detachable headboard can be selected for replacement or upgrade.

The perfect accompaniment to beds, no better way than king-sized headboards, is to complete a master bedroom. It depends on which features you want to find the right king bed headboard.

Our  Abu Dhabi headboards come in a range of colours and fabrics for every taste.



King headboards

King headboards

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What the different styles are of king headboards?

It’s essential to choose, as that part of your bedroom is most visible. As a striking signature, can a headboard make of correct material? Many different headboard types are available.

King wooden headboards

Wooden headboards give your bedroom a beautiful warmth and make your room feel more homely by bringing in a natural material. Whether you’re choosing a wooden headboard with slabs or a plain headboard with wood, this style is versatile in most bedrooms.

King metal headboards

Metal headboards offer a touch of glamour to every bedroom. A metal headboard of a silver king-size with crystal details gives a bit of focus while beautifully framing your bed.

King upholstered headboards

Abu Dhabi’s padded, upholstered headboards support comfort and opulence in every space. The traditional and the new headboards are polished in several different designs.

Why did you choose us?

Pick a range of styles and fabrics from sofa Abu Dhabi in our collection of King headboards. We have over 350-bed headboards for our customers to choose from. And we recognize that it can be a daunting job to pick the correct headboard, so we provide expert support

We are wrapped in a wide variety of fabrics, including faux leather and suede if you opt for a 5 ft. King Size Bed headboard with pine, oak, beech, or high-gloss finish or metal 5 ft. brackets in brass, nickel, or chrome or upholstered.

Most King-sized headboards are now available on request for express delivery, meaning that your headboard may be shipped within just 24 hours.

The delivery icon and information about each product page are available for you to express or next day. Note: the delivery times for the express delivery vary from headboard to headboard, happy shopping!

If you have more concerns or wish to have suggestions about our headboards, contact our team today by calling us.


Can I use a queen headboard on a king bed?

If you love your new headboard or don’t want to fork out any more money you can comfortably use your queen headboard with your king bed. Unless the headboard is wider than the bed itself, beds may look uncomfortable though.

What width is a king size headboard?

What are Headboard dimensions? Although standard headboards of size measure about 79-81 inches long, headboards of a non-standard size can be much more comprehensive. King headboards range from 48 “to 64” wide.

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