Majlis Abu Dhabi 

Are you looking for Majlis Abu Dhabi? We give you the extravagance of furniture in Arabian and Moroccan style and the quality and power of the furniture.

 Give you space layout

Arabian style is a mix of eastern and western techniques and defines the lifestyle.

Some essential aspects should be considered, such as the layout of the room, cultural obstacles, designs of color, content, lighting, and mobilization, in order to design the interior in the Arabic style.

Focus on bold colors

This style is inspired by its culture or complements Islamic architecture. Moroccan style based on bright colors (red, blue, or green), plumbing to create a great sense of luxury, small pieces of decorative decoration, Persian tapestries, mosaics, many hanging lights, and lanterns.

Give you exposing tastes and culinary affair

Give your senses after you make your tastes known to our spectacular culinary business, something to take home. Relax and enjoy your peace and tranquility.

 Best custom color size majlis 

Our range of products offers Arabic and Moroccan products in various sizes, types, and colors, according to the theme of your location or at very fair prices according to requirements. 

We assure you of coziness, warmth, and style while also enhancing the beauty of your house. Comfortable and versatile.

We provide high quality, excellent service, and custom colors and custom sizes that fit perfectly as you like.

The best materials are used in our products. The prices and quality of these goods are lower. The sofa Abu Dhabi offers a wide range of products. 

You can explore our other categories, which also include a wide variety of items. Find the best products with best price and quality.

 With its spectacular views of lush green areas and peaceful swimming poolside views, iftar experience is also important. It gives you the feeling of being in line with nature with great food and company.

Arabic Majlis Abu Dhabi

Arabic Majlis

Iftar majlis

Iftar Majlis

ladies majlis

Ladies Majlis

moroccan majlis Abu Dhabi

Moroccan Majlis

We Offer Best Services of Majlis

Best services 

  •         Find the best priced and quality goods.
  •         Sofa Abu Dhabi guarantees 100 % customer satisfaction
  •         We also respond to the requirements of our customers.
  •         We provide services at the doorstep.
  •         You will be offered a demo by our experts. And our experts will propose the best selection for you.
  •         The products suit your needs and are the best because we offer a wide variety of products at the best prices.
  •         Different colors and shapes, size patterns with a wide range of home interior products all under one roof.
  •         We have great deals on a bulk order, which you never get anywhere.

Why did you choose us? 

We use the highest quality goods and offer unrivalled service to you on time in Abu Dhabi and all parts of the UAE. Majlis has lifetime durability at Sofa Abu Dhabi and gives the furniture strength.

In exquisite designs, colors, and patterns we have the extraordinary quality of all kinds of majlis. We have Moroccan wicker furniture that features long-lasting, sturdy leather bindings, and the chairs are decorated with soft cushions for extra comfort and support.

Moreover, we also manufacture custom furniture of all types and the Abu Dhabi majlis as requested by the customer.

To assure you of warmth, coziness, and style. We have the best Abu Dhabi Arabic majlis at a discounted rate for sale.

Expert professionals design of our majlis on considering everyone’s perception and requirement. Our Executive Experts will present no obligation to buy the samples to you.


What is majlis seating?

Majlis seating is seating on the floor. It does not look as bad as you see. The guests seated on the floor are allowed to stand or dance in the area occupied by the seat but not on the chair.