Best Cushions Abu Dhabi

Combine comfort and style with our choice of decorative luxury cushions. Our range exudes elegance, whether it’s spread around a couch, decorating a chair, or sitting pretty on a pillow.

Add patterned wool and cotton, decadent silk, velvet, or sumptuously textured sheepskin and faux fur.

Design is in the detail

For your cushions, we always come up with a distinctive and elegant contrasting style. The deigning of a cushion by piping edgings will give you an immediate contemporary or traditional feeling.

Mix up the shapes and sizes 

Make your cushions big or small so you can choose 50cm square from our range of shapes and sizes, mixed with 60cm squares and some rectangular cushions.

Window seats 

We give you the best-cushioned window seats to create various areas around a space where you can cover yourself up on winter day, roar fire, and rain splattering the windows from outside.

Stylish cushions – Give Dramatic Look to your decor

Abu Dhabi Cushions are an excellent way to make a significant impact in your living rooms and bedrooms. They not only add softness for comfort, but they also add a bit of colour, texture, or pattern to add dimension to what would otherwise be a flat, dull space.

We sell everything from trendy floor cushion covers to high-quality online cushions to help you relax and add a final touch on the decor you’re sure to love.

We have been a pillar for professional stagers and interior designers who understand how colours, patterns, and textures can best be coordinated in different design motifs. Today, find your favourite new cushioned styles.

 We offer you different types of cushions, such as: 

  • Sofa cushion 
  • Chair seat cushion
  • chaise cushion
  • Customize cushion
Customize Cushions

Customize Cushions

Sofa Cushions Abu Dhabi | Best Replica | Sofa Abu Dhabi

Sofa Cushions

Chaise Cushions

Chaise Cushions

Chair Seat Cushions

Chair Seat Cushions

Benefits of Cushion Covers we are providing at sofa Abu Dhabi

Make yourself at home

It’s the little things that make a home from high pile rugs to sumptuous throws and stunning candles to elegant candlesticks. One thing you should never forget is the cushion covers, however minimalist your style. Look at our vast array of cushions in a variety of fabrics, colours, and designs and get ready to make yourself home.

Minimalism with added room

If you planned your lounge to be bland and understate, but now you can’t shake the niggling feeling that something is lacking, we’ve got only one word for you: texture. You don’t have to go wild with colour, but add one of our faux fur cushion with a little oomph.

House warming gifts galore

Is Beast moving someplace new? In that scenario, you are going to want to get her a housewarming gift. Take a look at our cute cushion style with adorable designs like dragons, Easter bunnies, and stags appliqués.

What’s your favourite colour?

If you’ve decided on clean lines with modern colours, light walls, and matching rugs when you’ve decorated them, you’re probably complaining about your lack of colour. Panic not, our wide selection includes bright and bold colours like pink, teal, red, purple, and many more – you’re sure to get your colour fixed.

Here are some useful ways in which to use your cushion items:

Cotton and linen

All cotton and linen cushion fabrics are fabrics that are popularly and commonly used to make the cushions.


Canvas is a durable cotton fabric that doesn’t comfortably wear off. This is the right fabric to use when putting the cushions outdoors.

Silk or Wool

Silk or wool fabric cushions are a great choice if you’re looking for decorative purposes or sofas in your guest room or sofas in the living room.


Leather is the only material that lasts longer and is the perfect pillow fabric. When caution is taken for these leather fabrics, these are the best cushion fabrics.

Polyester and Nylon

These are the most organic, natural materials used in cushion construction. learn more about cushion on Wikipedia

Why did you choose us? 

When you live around Abu Dhabi and search for a cushion that is nice to the best quality and the best price, we are your best choice. Here at, cushions from Sofa Abu Dhabi are very durable and made from flammable material.

We also offer the goods at your doorstep, and we may also visit our members to give you samples of our goods.


There’s a stain on my glider cushion. How can I clean it?

You are using a gentle solution of soap and water to clean the light stains. Professional cleaning of the furniture is recommended for more stubborn stains. Never use a washing machine to clean your fabrics.

Will my glider cushions flat or saggy over time?

In our glider cushions, even high-quality textiles are used. Is it the protest? Our backrest cushion has a generous polyester film and some versions are coated with extra foam. We also specifically calculated the density of our cushion so that it doesn’t drop prematurely. Our seats are solid and comfortable for a long time.