Furniture upholstery- Work For your Visual Furniture Appearance

Simply put, upholstery is the work of attaching padding, cushioning, and textile fabric or leather covers to a furniture upholstery frame. The design makes a significant difference to the chair’s visual appearance, and although the interior features might not be noticeable, the piece’s comfort and ergonomics are significantly impacted.

The fabric gives people a first and lasting impression, so it must look fine. We divide them into fabric groups when selecting materials to complement our pieces.

Considering how easy it is to upholster, the nature of the pile, the Martindale rating, and the fire retardance. All these elements affect how the fabric looks over time – particularly when you throw contours and curves into the material mix or large swaths.

Reupholstering by craft and quality furniture upholstery

Upholstery is the best remedy if your furniture is of high quality but has seen better days—the perfect way to revive a lost dining chair or armchair without losing the original comfort and style. Our craftsmen strip your furniture carefully back to its original frame and turn it from the inside out.

Benefits of our Furniture upholstery

There are many benefits to choosing to reupholster your furniture, from environmental reasons to retaining sentimental value.

  •  You get to keep all the original features of your furniture
  •  Comfort and sentimental attachment are not affected
  •  A massive choice of upholstery fabrics. 

With our furniture reupholstery service, you usually get free replacement seat cushions included.

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blue & light

furniture Upholstery Abu Dhabi

furniture Upholstery Abu Dhabi

We offer Best Furniture Upholstery Services

Bespoke Furniture and Upholstery services

We can make sofas and suites to order – guaranteed to fit you and your home perfectly:

 – Beechwood frames, screwed and dowelled, coil or serpentine springs

 – A choice of seating: foam fibre, feather or a combination of these

 We can also make:

 – Footstools any shape and size

 – Bespoke corner units, sofa beds, chaises, occasional chairs, headboards, rise, and recliner chairs

Types of Furniture upholstery Abu Dhabi 

  1.   Curved Ottoman. The Curved Ottoman features a rounded front with a flat back.
  2.   French Ottoman. The French Ottoman features ornate woodwork designed to match a chair or sofa of the same style.
  3.  Settee. The Settee is a small-scale love seat that is available in a wide variety of styles and designs. 
  4.  Chaise Lounge.

Three types of upholstery

The upholstery looks slightly different, depending on the given field.  We have three unique and different types of furniture upholstery that are: residential, commercial, and marine. 

Residential upholstery

 Residential products that could benefit from tapestry include:

  • Tables-Chairs
  • Sofa/sofa couches
  • And the Ottomans
  • Cushions
  • Essential and kitchen seating
  • Sitting bench
  • Outdoor patio furniture
  • Draperies

Commercial upholstery

Commercial upholstery expands residential upholstery services to a range of specific commercial sectors, such as catering, leisure and health centres, educational facilities, and government and religious buildings.

The repackaging of their existing furniture allows companies to:

  • Use sturdier furniture.
  • Aiding local businesses.
  • Reduce any disadvantages for guests.
  • Invest in rentable options.
  • Make sound choices.

Marine Upholstery

For the Marine upholstery furniture Abu Dhabi we can help interior and exterior upholstery of boats, including:

  • Sofa beds, chairs, etc.
  • Covers for various uses
  • Cushions on the south deck
  • Built-in upholstery settees
  • Navy Mattress 

Why did you choose us?

Because the sofa Abu Dhabi offers:

  1. Best deals, the best products here only make your home more beautiful and catching your eyes.
  2. We provide door-step services where our experts will give you a demo without any fees.
  3. We can even get the design picture from you and apply it at incredibly reasonable prices in our workshop.
  4. Besides upholstery, all under one roof can be browsed through our wide range of other categories.
  5. We have frames of elegant line and proportion which are sympathetically balanced by expertly done upholstery.
  6. Purchase now, the Upholsterers’ technological skills meant the stuffing could be managed along upright and sloping lines, simply offering new levels of comfort and a claimed elegance.
  7. Shop by sofa Abu Dhabi for fantastic products, and exciting offers. Make the interiors beautiful and attractive.
  8. If you have any customization request or query, please contact us


Which is the Abu Dhabi method of furnishing upholstery?

Sofa Abu Dhabi gives the Abu Dhabi Furniture Upholstery full service and care:

  • Carefully remove all current bare wood cladding
  • Inspect the frame and tighten any seals when necessary
  • Remove the springs and webs, if necessary
  • Replace any old stuffing and padding, if required
  • Put your chair, sofa or football up in the fabric of your choice

What are the best furniture upholstery techniques?

The traditional art of reupholstery involves many processes. The overview of each of the most common techniques that we use is: 

  1. Taking Down
  2. Webbing
  3. Springing
  4. Stuffing
  5. Buttoning
  6. Finishing

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