Double Headboards – Suitable Replacement For your Bed Decor

Double-bed headboards are suitable as replacements or improvements. Our line of double headboards includes a wide variety of colours and patterns that suit any bedroom decor. Including wood, metal, and leather to fibres there are many different choices.

We are pleased to stock a massive range of double headboards Abu Dhabi ready to order online today. Our strutted double bed headboards will fit any standard double-sized sofa bed, but we also store a variety of headboards mounted on the wall in case a strutted headboard is not suitable.

Look below at our collection of more than 300 double headboards, and find your ideal fit.

Styles of double headboards 

If you’re looking to add some spice to your bedroom and finish touches, why not find a traditional double upholstered headboard to treat your double divan? If you’re looking for the double Headboard’s beautiful baroque form or leaning towards the headboard’s effortlessly classic style, we’ll be able to customize your preferred bedhead’s fabric, add-ons, and height to make your arrangement truly special. Not again would your bedroom be the same.

Check out our fantastic range below and pick from over 100 different materials to make sure your regular double headboard fits in perfectly with the design of your room. The double headboards are well proportioned with a height of 141 cm, or 4 ft.6.



Double headboards


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Wooden double headboards

Double headboards made of wood are a classic alternative for a bed. The natural tones and textures of the wooden headboards add rustic style and traditional charm to your room. Pick from the oak and pine finishes you can rely on for stable structures and longevity.

Upholstered headboards

It couldn’t be any easier to treat your bed to a beautifully upholstered headboard. Experience our comfortable designs from the specifics of soft cushioning, lining, stitching, and buttoning. Most of our upholstered headboards come in brown, cream, and sandstone soft neutral colours that are easy to integrate into your existing decoration. Or opt for the air of modern elegance with darker colours such as orange, charcoal, and grey.

Metal headboards

Our metal headboards offer elegant simplicity and effortless elegance, from beautiful metal and nickel plating finish. Either you want a sleek design or traditional textures and finishes to produce a core piece of beauty and decadence.

Why did you choose us?

With Sofa Abu Dhabi, you can add a touch of personality, personalize your room and browse our beautiful collection of headboards to customize your bed. If you upgrade your room or upgrade your bed, we have plenty of designs, colours, and materials to find just what you are looking for. Taste bedside snack, relax before the telephone, or get cosy when reading a good book; not only do our headboards look great; they also double the backrest’s flexibility to make your headboard functional and stylish.

Like beds, we offer a variety of colours and sizes, including single, double, and king-sized bed frames.


What Size Is A Double Headboard?

All our double headboards Abu Dhabi match a regular double bed in UAE size. Both of our double headboards have a 4 ft 6 width, and the struts have been designed to match both proper divan base dimensions.

What Height Is A Double Headboard?

Depending on the style, you select the height of your double headboard. The highest number of heads of double beds is between 14 inches and 29 inches. You can change the height according to your preference when your headboard of choice is set with struts.

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